The Hybrid Database Capturing Perishable Insights at Yiguo is the largest B2C fresh produce online marketplace in China, serving close to 5 million users and more than 1,000 enterprise customers. We have long devoted ourselves to providing fresh food for ordinary consumers and have gained popularity since our founding in 2005. With a rapidly growing user base and data, we needed a highly performant, horizontally scalable real-time database system that can support both online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) workloads, in order to make timely and accurate business decisions to provide quality service for our users.

Combining TiDB and TiSpark, we found the solution we needed–a scalable, strongly consistent, and highly available data processing platform that supports both OLTP and OLAP. Our applications now have a new competitive edge to deliver better services faster than ever before.

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PingCAP is the team behind TiDB, an open source MySQL compatible NewSQL HTAP database. Official website: GitHub:

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